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Protective: Jeans, Hoodies

motorbike jeans

Dare Rider™ Motorcycle Jeans Skinny Moto

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$199.00 Inc. GST

CE Level AA Protective Jeans- CE 2 Armour INCLUDED


DARE RIDER™ Bravo Motorcycle Stretchable Jeans

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$199.00$209.00 Inc. GST

Fully Protective Lined- FREE CE 1 Knee Armour

CE 2 Armour

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$29.00 Inc. GST

CE Jeans Armour

Riding can never go out of style, and so shouldn’t you.

But yeah, we admit. Not all riding gear is exactly comfortable or good-looking. So why choose between protection, comfort and style, when you can have all three?

Presenting apparel Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre lining from AusMotoGear, which allows you to ride in comfort while staying high on style and protection. AusMotoGear jeans reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre lining look like any other regular denim jeans when it comes to the look and fit, except for the fact that they come with abrasion protection.

What’s so special about Kevlar®?

Dupont Kevlar® fabric is very well known for its tensile strength and abrasion resistance that is why it is used in motorcycle apparel like motorcycle jackets, motorcycle hoodies but most commonly in motorcycle jeans. This fabric is included in the weave and sometimes also used as reinforcement lining in apparel. So yes, it is way better than regular jeans, which offer no protection in case of an accident. Even a Kevlar® hoody does a better job at protection as compared a regular hoody.

Here’s what you must look for when you buy any Kevlar® lined garment:

– Protection

As bare minimum, look for Kevlar® lining covering key impact areas, depending on whether you are buying a pair of Kevlar® jeans or Kevlar® hoody. It goes without saying that a pair of jeans or a hoody fully covered with DuPont™ Kevlar® lining is a far better option than partial lining. Gear that has CE marked removable protectors will give you an extra impact protection, especially bone protection, as the Kevlar® lining is more relevant to your skin protection in case of an accident.

– Fit

The right fit is essential to be comfortable while riding and avoid accidents. With our easy returns policy, you can try a pair before you settle with a size that’s apt for you.

AusMotoGear sells motorcycle Kevlar® jeans Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre lining with both options of fully covered denim jeans with DuPont™ Kevlar® lining and partially covered DuPont™ Kevlar® lining. On the other hand, our motorcycle Kevlar® hoodies come with fully covered DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre lining except on the hood part.

Both categories come with optional removable armor without compromising your comfort. Our Kevlar® jeans and Kevlar® hoodies are what one might call a perfect combo of substance and style.

So you can stay ready for the road. And off it too.

DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company

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