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Motorcycle Boots


DARE RIDER™ Street Ride Sneaker Boots

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Classic Bikers Harley Style Boots

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100% Genuine Cowhide Leather Boots with Waterproof Hipora Membrane Throughout

Short Harness Motorcycle Leather Boots

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100% Genuine Cowhide Leather Boots with Waterproof Hipora Membrane

Among all the different types safety gear that riders choose to use, motorcycle boots are likely the most ignored protective gear. A lot of riders think they can get by with a regular pair of trekking or military style boots. But these don’t typically provide ankle protection, or sufficient toe, heel and shin protection in the event of a crash. Our feet and ankles are very vulnerable, and a good pair of motorcycle boots can prevent serious injury that can keep you off your bike for a long time.

When it comes to motorcycle boots, there are different types that you could choose from, depending on your type and purpose of riding, and weather conditions. There are touring / commuting boots, racing boots and military style boots. In terms of materials, leather boots offer the best abrasion resistance and durability, followed by boots made of reinforced textile.

But there are some essential features for motorbike boots to even be considered:

– They need to be really, really sturdy – with oil resistant, non-slip, non-twist and strong soles, and provide good ankle protection.

–  You should be able to tightly fasten the boots above the ankle, so that they don’t fly off your feet if you happen to crash.

– They must have reinforced protection for the heels, toes, ankle and shin areas, so your feet get adequate protection

Unlike other gear, motorbike boots stay on after the ride. Most riders prefer to wear them all day, even off their bikes. For this reason, true motorbike boots are engineered with a dual purpose – to protect you from the elements and in a crash, and also be comfortable and good looking for you to walk in / ride in all day.

AusMotoGear brings you a range of 100% genuine cowhide leather motorcycle boots that are high on workmanship and protection, while looking great at the same time. All of our boots come with hard reinforced plastic at the toes and heels for added protection, and tough, high grade rubber soles that offer good traction and grip, whether you are on your bike and off it. So that you can step on the throttle with the best gear available in Australia.

AusMotoGear is Australia’s trusted one-stop-shop for all kinds of motorcycle gear. We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated family business, and are committed to provide the best quality bikers gear at extremely competitive prices. ...

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