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Dare Rider™ Motorcycle Cordura Textile Black Jacket 100% Waterproof

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$299.00 $189.00 Inc. GST

Dare Rider™ Motorcycle Cordura Textile Black Jacket “It is primarily a winter jacket that can be used in Summer by removing thermal lining  & opening up the air vents”   Main Construct 600 D CORDURA 100% Waterproof jacket with great weatherproofing Stretchable Cordura Panels for extra comfort & movement (Back Shoulders, Elbows & Waist) Heavy […]

Motorcycle SoftShell Hoody Textile Jacket Hoodie

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$149.00$159.00 Inc. GST

UNISEX- Original Dare Rider™ Soft Shell Hoody Jacket with warm thermal Lining


Motorcycle/Motorbike Textile Cordura Jacket All Black

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$149.00 Inc. GST

Main Construct 600 D Cordura Heavy duty YKK Zips Resistance to rot & mildew 5 PCE CE Approved Shoulders, elbows & back protection Soft & comfortable collar lining 3/4 length style Adjustable waist band Adjustable straps on sleeves Adjustable wrist strap Double Stitching throughout Trouser Zip Attachment Removable Full Sleeve Thermal lining Front does up […]


Cordura Textile Jacket Red n White

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$189.00 $149.00 Inc. GST

Red Padded Cordura Jacket Performance Cut with Padded panels throughout! Main Construct 600 D Cordura Performance cut Polyester padded panels throughout provide additional protection Air Vent pocket at the back 4 Stretch Cordura panels at back offers extra comfort Heavy duty YKK Zips Resistance to rot & mildew 5 PCE CE Approved Shoulders, elbows & back […]

Textile Jacket/Waist Full Hi Vis

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$169.00 Inc. GST



Motorcycle SoftShell Hoody Textile Jacket Hoodie Protective Lined

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$165.00$189.00 Inc. GST

UNISEX- Original Dare Rider™ Soft Shell Hoody Jacket with Protective Lining throughout the garment


A lot of riders prefer to stay away from riding when it is raining. But there are times when you can’t always avoid it, however wet, dark and gloomy the weather may be. Riding in the rain isn’t always taken to be fun, as it has its own share of safety challenges on account of slippery roads and low visibility. Add to this the discomfort of getting soaked while riding.

Thankfully, there are a lot of gear options that allow you to make the most of riding in the rain, while keeping you safe and dry. Most of our range of wet weather gear is made of Cordura™ textile, reinforced with an inner Reissa lining, making them 100% waterproof. These keep the moisture out and keep you comfortable and dry inside. And we all know that the right kind of waterproof motorcycle gear will not only keep you dry, but will also keep you safer.

A good waterproof jacket tops the list of must-haves for the rains. Gear up for riding in wet weather with waterproof motorcycle jackets from AusMotoGear. We have a range of 100% waterproof, textile motorcycle Cordura™ jackets with an inner Reissa Lining, which are a perfect blend of form and function and provide reliable protection, visibility and style while you ride. Most of our Cordura™ motorcycle textile jackets come with air vents to provide more breathability and comfort, and reflective material to enhance your visibility in low light.

A good waterproof, textile motorcycle jacket is indeed an investment, as it can serve you well over many seasons. Here are some things to watch out for before you decide on your purchase:

– Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Yes, there is a difference between the two. Opt for waterproof motorcycle jackets for better wet weather protection.

– Fit

Ideally, your jacket should be loose enough to wear over your regular clothing / riding gear. You should ensure that its sleeves cover your wrists while you are in riding position, so that water doesn’t seep into your gloves. You could choose from between motorbike textile jackets with removable winter thermal lining that are typically used in winters, or those with a summer mesh lining, which will keep you dry in wet weather and well ventilated when it’s hot.

Can’t choose between the two? Worry not! AusMotoGear offers waterproof Cordura™ motorcycle jackets with detachable winter and summer linings, which you can use in all types of weather and riding conditions.

– Visibility

The weather conditions can hinder good on-road visibility. Try to opt for jackets with bright florescent colours, or reflective patches that will make you stand out and difficult to miss.

We hope these tips will help you select the right jacket from all of our motorbike textile jackets in store. So that the next time the clouds roll in, your bike needn’t hibernate in your garage. And you can go, face the elements head on and ride free!

AusMotoGear is Australia’s trusted one-stop-shop for all kinds of motorcycle gear. We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated family business, and are committed to provide the best quality bikers gear at extremely competitive prices. ...

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