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Textile Pants


Dare Rider™ Motorcycle Textile Cordura Pants Stud Pockets with Air Vents

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Next Stock ETA Mid April 2022 “These are primarily winter Pants that can be used in Summer by removing thermal lining  & opening up the air vents”“ Dare Rider™ Black Cordura Motorbike Waterproof Pants 4 PCE CE protections included Description This is one superior & fine quality product with very popular design and color by […]


Cordura Motorbike Camo Pants

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Motorbike Cordura Textile Pants

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CE APPROVED 100% Waterproof & Windproof Black Pants

Riding in the rain can be challenging, and is not everyone’s idea of a good time. But you can reduce the risk if you have the right gear to keep you dry, comfortable and safe while you ride. Among the different essential gear recommended while riding, motorbike pants are probably the most underrated.

A lot of riders choose not to wear motorbike pants for various reasons – some feel they aren’t as necessary and yet some others feel they simply don’t look good enough. But truth be told, these can make the difference between saving yourself from serious injury and being confined to a bed with your leg bandaged up, for weeks.

A good pair of motorbike pants makes for a worthwhile investment, as it can shield the skin, protect from road rash, knee and hip damage too in the event of an accident.

Aus Motogear offers a range of motorbike pants in a variety of styles and materials, to provide comfort and protection while you ride. We also offer a range of textile motorcycle pants, made of Cordura™ textile reinforced with a Reissa inner lining, making them your ideal gear for riding in wet weather. This combination of Cordura™ with Reissa makes them 100% waterproof and windproof, and keeps all moisture out, keeping you dry. And we needn’t mention, keeping you safer too.

All our motorcycle textile pants offer unmatched durability, great fit and design, and the stretchable Cordura™ panels at the knee and back of waist areas make them high on comfort. Not only this, they also come with removable 4 PCE CE approved protection and removable thermal linings, making them reliable and versatile at the same time.

Before zeroing on a pair of motorbike textile pants, it is important to check how comfortable they feel in your riding position, and if you can sit, walk and crouch without any kind of constraint. Without the right fit, your pants could shift around during a crash, moving protective armour away from where you need it the most. You might also want to opt for pants that increase your visibility in low light and bad weather conditions. Most of our wet weather pants are enhanced with reflective Scotchlite material.

Like with other gear, you’d be better off spending time and effort to find your perfect pair of textile motorbike pants. We can tell you, it’s well worth it.

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