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Motorcycle Gloves

Riding isn’t meant for the weak hearted. Because as a rider, you face the elements head-on, and it’s important for you to have some essential gear to keep you safe while you ride. A lot has been discussed and debated about the bare basic gear that every rider must have. Motorcycle gloves make it to this list, and with good reason.

This is because it is natural instinct to put out our hands to protect us in the event of a crash, making them the most likely to be the first to slide against the asphalt. And they are a lot more fragile than what we’d like them to be, to the extent that they could even be rendered out of use. Now we all know that it’s rather difficult to get by without them in our day to day life, be it at work, home or play. And it makes a lot more sense to invest in protective gear to safeguard our hands and wrists, with a good pair of motorcycle gloves.

But motorcycle gloves don’t come in handy only during a crash. They are also important to stay comfortable and protect our hands from the elements in different weather conditions. In short, it’s about making your ride more comfortable and safe. These gloves are specially designed to give you maximum comfort and protection, which a regular pair of leather gloves from your local store won’t be able to provide. So, how do you choose the right pair of motorcycle gloves? Here are some things you should look out for:

The Coverage

Opt for motorcycle gloves that fully cover your hand – the fingers, palm, knuckles, back of hand and the wrist. Ideally, there should be a good amount of overlap between your gloves and jacket sleeves, so that no skin is exposed.

The Fit

Your motorcycle gloves should fit snugly over your hands. Make sure that there is no bunching when you grip the handlebars. It’s good to opt for a pair with an adjustable fastening around the wrist, so that they stay on your hands if at all you happen to crash.

Impact Protection

Choose a pair that’s made with abrasion resistant material, ideally leather or layered textiles. Also look for extra padding on the palm, and extra protection for the knuckles and back of hands, to distribute the load of impact.

Flexibility of movement

You should be able to comfortably operate all of your bike controls with thee gloves on, and be able to adjust your visor as per your requirement.

Weather proof

Your motorcycle gloves should protect you in all kinds of weather. You don’t want to be left cold or wet while riding in the winters and the rains.

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