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The LS2 Spitfire is a modern take on the classic bobber style 3/4 open face helmet.

It includes an adjustable two-position drop-down sun shield. LS2 uses 2 outer shell sizes to allow the smallest, lightest possible helmet.


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NEW lower fitting design for great looks.

Available in Matt Black with Studs and Matt Black no Studs.


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The perfect combination of classic style & safety features come together in our all-new Burke open-face helmet. Specially designed for a comfortable fit and the lowest profile open-face helmet approved for use in the Australian market. • The lowest profile legal for road use helmet for sale in Australia • Australian Standard AS/NZS 1698 • ADR approved certified […]

Styles come and go. But a leather jacket has always been the epitome of cool. Think Marlon Brando in The Wild One. A leather biker jacket can add to your coolness like nothing else.

But nothing is as cool as riding safe. And here is where we come in. AusMotoGear brings you a range of great quality motorbike leather jackets that blend high performance, quality and design to keep you on top of your tracks.

Why leather, you may wonder. Well, when it comes to performance and protection, few materials can match up to leather. Leather offers excellent resistance to abrasion, protection from impact and a shield against harsh weather. Moreover, the leather used in motorcycle jackets is typically stronger and thicker as compared to the one used in fashion clothing, making it a lot more durable.

With such a huge variety to choose from even in leather jackets, it can get rather confusing to choose the right motorcycle leather jacket. Here are some things you must look at before you make your choice.


Depending upon the level of protection you need, you might want to choose a jacket with inserted armour for high risk areas like the spine, elbows and shoulders.

Fit and Comfort:

Look for a leather motorbike jacket that fits you snugly over your regular clothes, and is suitable with your riding style. Jackets with stretch panels will allow for more flexibility at the back, waist, sides, shoulders and elbows.


You might want to look for leather motorcycle jackets with air vents or removable liners, for temperature fluctuations in warm or wet weather.

At AusMotoGear, all our jackets go through a thorough quality check and are road tested before they come to you. So you can be assured of getting the best quality at good prices. Whether you are starting out or looking to upgrade, and are looking for style, performance or a mix of both, you’re sure to find a bikers’ jacket that’s right for you.

AusMotoGear is Australia’s trusted one-stop-shop for all kinds of motorcycle gear. We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated family business, and are committed to provide the best quality bikers gear at extremely competitive prices. ...

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